Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What's your wish?

Everyone has a wish list. From from a shiny new toaster oven to world peace, from a finished draft of your new novel by your next birthday to that long-awaited phone call from your agent--from the mundane to the transcendental--what's on yours? Top five items only, please.


Kelly Swails said...

Right now there are as follows:
1. A request for a full from an agent.
2. Rock Band for Xbox360
3. To finish my current WIP by May 31st.
4. To have a fence and a finished deck by the end of June

...and I can't really think of a fifth one now. Honestly, I have everything I need, most of what I want, and the best husband in the world. Not much left to wish for, huh? ;)

Anonymous said...

I received my request for a full yesterday (woohoo!), so I can leave that off my list. Still, there are a few things . . .
1. An offer of representation from an agent.
2. The sale of one of the short stories I have floating around.
3. To finish my WIP by the end of the year
4. A new job that doesn't make me feel like a pack mule
5. A new car--preferably one that stops when I want it to and goes when I want it to.

Bill Henry said...

(Reposted from Sunday.)

What's on your wish list today?

Top of mine is this:

1. That Ronald D. Moore really does have a plan.

More later . . .

Kelly McCullough said...

1. Breaking into the YA market beyond having WebMage shelved in the teen/YA section.

2. An offer for the proposals that are off to Ace next week or soon after.

3. The end of Laura's semester of doom.

4. Final Fantasy XIII

5. A Smart Car.

Michele Lee said...

1. An agent
2. A new roof
3. a license to drive
4. paint thinner
5. a baby sitter one day a week for 3-5 hours so I could work or sleep or clean without constant interruptions.

One and two are because I've made a lot of progress in writing and in working on my house, but it's getting to the point where I really need a big break through. I feel that I'm hitting the limit of what I can do on my own.

#3 would let me tke money or food to my husband who forgot his lunch today.

#4 would let me get the paint off the brush (and my skin) from the repair projects today (de-rusting and repainting exterior pipes)

#5 is because I've been interrupted twice just while typing this.

Bill Henry said...

. . . and the rest:

2. Paul Park's The Hidden World;
3. Karen Joy Fowler's Wit's End;
4. that singular moment of clarity; and, always,
5. luxe, calme, et volupté.

Thanks for the great responses, folks! May your wishes all come . . .

P.S. Kelly, I think I might have seen your smart car at the Living Green Expo on Sunday.

Kelly Swails said...

Y: One of my co-workers has a smart car. She looooves it. It's pretty cool-looking, and so small! She says it handles great, though, has enough oomph for the interstate.

Kelly McCullough said...

X, yeah, I've never really lusted after a car like this before. Laura and I first saw a Smart in Scotland a decade or so ago and adored them. We've been hoping they'd bring them to the U.S. ever since.