Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wiscon Again

My Wiscon was not like Sean's Wiscon. Only a thousand people, all of them in one hotel, and many different cons took place...

I think the question of writing panels may need more discussion. Apparently, Sean and others felt there were not enough at Wiscon.

The terse note in the program book suggested that something happened midway through the programming process, and instead of using software, they had to use pieces of paper or maybe clay tablets or knotted cords.

So some of the problems this year might be explained by this, whatever it was.

The question is, what kind of writing panels do people want, and is there a way to make them happen?


Anonymous said...

A couple of the comments over at this thread on my blog suggested working in concert to make suggestions to the con committee. I know Haddayr Copley-Woods wants to group brainstorm a list of good, writing-related panel topics and send them as a package to the con folks, and I also know that our own Kelly has a lovely list of writing panels that he has supplied previously to Convergence and MarsCon. I think if we were to do something like that, his list would be a good jumping off point. It might also behoove us to ask the WisCon folks what would be the most helpful way to make this suggestion.

I do think your note, though, Eleanor, about working in concert to suggest a batch of panels, is right on. It's easy to dismiss one person's ideas, or even ten people's ideas individually--but if twenty people send a group of panel ideas and sign off on them all together--well, that's significantly harder to ignore, even if you wanted to. And I get the impression that the WisCon folks do annually seek out suggestions, so this may be very well received, too.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey Sean,

If you feel strongly about getting this off the ground, I'll send you my GULPS* list and you can use it as a starting point for the discussion. I'm fine with it getting posted far and wide. The whole point was to come up with a list of writing panel topics that would make for good discussions and help new writers and that could easily be customized to fit convention themes or renamed and repurposed so that they were shiny for the next convention discussion or whatever. I'm of the firm opinion that there are really only about a dozen basic topics in writing business and craft, but that the variations of same are essentially infinite.

*Generic Universal Literary Programming Suggestions...yes I really am that much of a geek.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's better than CHUGS.

Yeah, if you send it, I'll be happy to put them out there for review and commentary and then play ping-pong with the WisCon folks.

Kelly McCullough said...

I'll send it along in a bit. CHUGS? I must be missing something. GULPS is of course a play on GURPS Generic Universal Role Playing System.

Anonymous said...

Well, CHUGS is just a play on GULPS.

As is SWALLOWS, but don't make me spell it out for you.