Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Brief Question

I'm taking a new class at the Loft Literary Center. This one is on overcoming writer's resistance. If it works, you will see a flood of Arnason stories. I have eight at home -- almost finished, needing only a few hours of cleaning up. It would be nice to get eight stories out, not to mention three short story collections and the sequel to Ring of Swords. All this stuff is almost done.

What is resistance about?


Bill Henry said...

I know this is a serious question that demands a thoughtful answer, but what I really want to say is:

Eight stories? Three collections? The sequel to Ring of Swords?

Get it done, Arnason! Move like you have a purpose, soldier!

We love you, Eleanor. Resistance is futile.


Kelly McCullough said...

First, what Bill said.

Second, see my response on the front page in a little while.