Monday, July 14, 2008

Will the Sigh Bait Never Cease? (Updated)

Yoon Ha Lee asked to have one of her stories removed from the Helix archives and Sanders did so in a way that demonstrates the same lack of class good sense that he's shown through the whole mess. Go have a look.

Update: And Sanders just keeps on digging, this time with a pay-to-have your story removed from the Helix archives policy. Truly charming. On the upside, Toby Buckell continues to shine on this whole thing with an offer to help writers pay the unpublish fee.


Eleanor said...

What I'm finding interesting about all this is how quickly news moves around, thanks to the Internet. In the past, stories about problems with editors would have gotten around via fanzines and word of mouth; and some people would have been out of the loop. Now, Internet access and a minimal interest in the field will get you all kinds of useful information.

lydamorehouse said...

Wow, this just keeps getting uglier and uglier, doesn't it?

Makes me kind of proud I've never sold anything to Helix.

Michael Damian Thomas said...

I just feel bad for all of the Helix writers who are caught in the middle.

Is it so hard for him to say sorry and move on? Why stir this up more? It's one thing to screw up your own career, but this involves every writer who has ever been published in Helix.


Kelly Swails said...

WTF?. What a sanctimonious load of crap.

I'm glad Tobias made his offer. Good man.

Douglas Hulick said...

Wow. I'm thinking someone needs to start fund to buy Sanders a Clue-by-Four. Not that it will necessarily make a difference....

Kelly McCullough said...

I believe the phrase un-effing believable is appropriate here.

sexy said...