Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Morning WIP Open Thread

Howdy folks, what are you working on? It doesn't have to be anything writing related and anyone can play. All you need is something unfinished and a desire (or mandate) to work on it.

I'm working on boiling down a batch of chicken broth and on Eye of Horus.

On the chicken front, I'm through the initial boil, the pick over, and straining, and into simple reduction. And, no, aliens haven't replaced me with someone who really likes to cook. I just needed freezer space and that means converting the leftovers into soup base.

On Eye of Horus (book II of my WWII faerie invasion YA) I'm in the St Kilda archipelago with Fiona and the temptations of black magic. I need to set up the Black School escapee underground railroad idea there. Then it's off to London and Adair on his way to magical commando school--most of which will be skipped over because it's not really a magic school book and I'm dying to get to occupied Europe and the Russian sorceress--but I need to write a dialogue with one of the major villains, another with an important secondary character, and climb a cathedral first.

That's all I got. What about you?


mynxii said...

My work in progress is an analytical essay based on an interview I've done. I'm trying to figure out how to mould the awesome raw material of the interview into something that is polished and 'high distinction' worthy.

I have an introduction, and mark 2 is far better than mark 1, but have I nailed it yet? I don't know.

Given my respect for, admiration of the person who was kind enough to let me interview them, I am doubly feeling the pressure to do well on this. *fingers crossed*

Stephanie Zvan said...

Thanks for addressing the alien question. I'd have worried, and that would have distracted me from my current WIP, which is the election. I'm trying to figure out where I can have the most impact without door-knocking or making calls, both of which I'm constitutionally unsuited for.

Michael Damian Thomas said...

I have two WIP still going. In the mornings while my daughter Caitlin's at school again (hooray!), I'm working on the revisions of my contemporary fantasy novel, Murder Ballads.

While I'm watching her in the afternoon, I'm writing my sections for Fluid Links: The Unauthorized Guide to the Doctor Who Novels and Audios for Mad Norwegian Press. My responsibilities for the guide increased a few weeks ago, so I'm a bit overwhelmed.

Lynne is also still plugging away at her book about Rare Books and Special Collections 2.0. She's getting close to her deadline, so that's dominating her every thought.

Jvstin Tomorrow said...

Making the world safe for savings bond transactions. The usual :)

Jvstin Tomorrow said...

What is the precursor to Eye of Hours, and when does it come out?

Kelly McCullough said...

The precursor is The Black School, and I have no idea. It's currently before the second editor to have a look at it, and I really shouldn't be writing the sequel without selling it.

Jvstin Tomorrow said...

Horus, not Hours. My apologies.

Well, I still actually need to try your work. (I'm getting there--I've read novels by Arneson, and Morehouse, and Kritzer thus far)

katster said...

I'm still trying to get my Worldcon trip report put together. It's been a month since Worldcon, and I still haven't had time to write it. Grr.

I've also got to get a couple 'zines turned out before the end of the month, so I should really start thinking about those.

I've also got NaNoWriMo ML duties that I have to start thinking about, or it'll be November and I still won't have plans in place. This would be bad.

And it might be a good idea to actually get some work done for the Day Job.

I think that's mostly it.

Kelly Swails said...

Household: flowerbed landscaping. And buying a new sliding glass door.

Writing: query letter and synopsis for WIP.

Reading: Everlost by Neal Schusterman.

Knitting: baby blanket for the most recent baby in my cirle o' friends.

DKoren said...

On the writing front: get a pesky synopsis and query letter done for one completed novel. On the home front: get paint for some boards that were replaced when my roof was re-done.

And Eye of Horus sounds sooooo up my alley with the whole WWII setting. Can't wait to read the series!

Kelly McCullough said...

mynxii, sounds like a fun project, if a bit scary--always a challenge getting it right when the stakes are high.

Steph, if you find a good answer for that, let me know. I've done door knocking and I'm not terribly good at it for the same reasons that I wouldn't do well with phone banking. I should probably get back on the LTE treadmill since writing is my number one skill.

Michael, glad to hear the book revision are coming along--I do pop my head in over at your LJ (and Lynne's for that matter) from time to time even if I don't often comment.

Jvstin, no worries on the letter transposition. Is the saving bond safety thing more of a job or a superheroesque calling?

Katster, piffle to the day job. How could that be half so important as a worldcon report? What does an ML at this time of year? I'm genuinely curious.

X, flowerbeds...drat. You just reminded me that I need to get the bulbs in and divide some stuff.

dkoren, sounds like you and Swails can commiserate on the query front. Good luck to both of you! I hope you'll get a chance to read Black School sometime before the world gets too much older. Of all my unsold work it's the series I most want to see make it to print.

Bill Henry said...

1. two e-interviews
2. vixens
3. sirens

The interviews aren't with the vixens or the sirens.

Jvstin Tomorrow said...

It's my job. I work at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis in the Treasury Services Division. :)

I *used* to have a nice view of the Mississippi (I am sure being from the Twin Cities that you are familiar with where the Bank is) but I got moved from a window cube to a landlocked one recently.

Kelly McCullough said...

Bill, that's too bad, I would have thought the vixens at least would make a great interview subject. The sirens OTOH, are nothing but bad news.

Jvstin, my condolences on your cube shuffle.

Bill Henry said...

Vixens. I'm thinking we need to bring them in to hostess our Wyrdsmiths 2009 party at WisCon. What say you?


Sarah said...

Work: herding three year olds, as always. Getting some guitar playing in as well.

Writing: Version 2, scene of final conflict

Kelly McCullough said...

Bill, I will back you to the very gates of hell on that plan if it becomes necessary.

Sarah, what sort of stampede control technology does that require. Do you have to use cattle prods? Or is a hard look and the voice sufficient?

MariAdkins said...

I'm working on a lot right now. We moved Labor Day weekend, so I have a lot of irons in the fire; however, we've almost gotten everything unpacked and organized, so that's a plus. I found my business cards today, and I'm happy. My living room is full of broken down boxes waiting to be taken to the curb.

Writing-wise, I've written what I can where I can over the last two weeks, mostly in my little 5x7" notebook which I keep here on the kitchen table. I've not gotten a lot of words in what with the moving going on. I hope that changes next week.

Calenhíril said...

I'm still working on last year's NaNoWriMo *hangs head* I don't think it will be done by the time this year's event rolls around, especially if I'm figuring out my ML duties as well...and for some reason this year's story is thinking it's going to be a quasi-Victorian fantastical mystery, which most definitely does not lend itself to writing by the seat of one's pants. I might actually have to start planning.

Kelly McCullough said...

Mari, sound like you do have a lot on your plate. I hope things settle down soon and you can get back to writing. What sort of move was it? I trust you've found a wonderful new space?

Calenhíril, there's not a reason in the world to hang your head. A book is a big project and if you're still working on it that means it matters to you. What more could you ask? A year or even two is hardly out of the ordinary for someone to work on a book, especially one written from love in stolen moments rather than under deadline.

MariAdkins said...

I hope things settle down soon and you can get back to writing. What sort of move was it? I trust you've found a wonderful new space?

According to my father-in-law's GPS, we moved exactly .10th of a mile. How's that for long distance? We moved from one complex on one side of the street and hill to the other. It's peaceful here. And quiet. And clean. To borrow a cliche, it's heads and shoulders above the last place. Thank the gods.

I'm almost completely unpacked. Will likely open the last box later today.

And then perhaps soon I can finally hunker down with my copy of CodeSpell. :D