Monday, September 29, 2008

Usual Monday WIP With a Twist

Since Kelly is still head-down over his various projects, I thought I'd take up the baton on the Monday Work in Progress question. So, what are you all working on? As per Kelly's rules, it doesn't need to be writing-related, just tell us what you're up to!

For myself, I still have too much on. Tomorrow is the official deadline for a science fiction anthology to which I'd agreed to submit a story. According to the editors the stories should fall in the 8,000 to 10,000 word range, and I've written, oh, about 2,000 words so far.

It's going to be a long night for Lyda.

I did, however, over the weekend, manage to finish a sample chapter for a book proposal package that I, as Tate, will hopefully start shopping around with a couple of fellow romance authors. I can't say much about it, being a superstitious writer and all that, but it's a very fun concept. A series of paranormal adventure novels all set in a shared-universe, but with different authors for each book.

After I finish the short story, I still have two novels already under contract. One as Lyda, and another as Tate. I'm about seventy-five pages into the prequel of the AngeLINK universe (a cyberpunkish, noir, dystopian future with angels) which is due in June of 2009 to Mad Norwegian Press. I've about two pages into Tate's next contracted novel, HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD, which is due in May (I think) of 2009.

Oh, and I just got my electronic version of the copy edited manuscript of Tate's DEAD IF I DO that needs my attention. That I have to have done by October 17 (of this year).

Plus, I got a late start today because I had an early morning interview with a reporter from the Highland Villager who is planning on a Halloween feature article on Tate's latest release. Which would be totally awesome, except I had to answer questions like, "So this Wiccan/Witch stuff, you really take that seriously?"


That's my over-booked life. You?


MariAdkins said...

Typing up edits and rending my hair.

DKoren said...

Continue editing novel. Get to grocery store today and buy cat food.

Good luck on your long night and getting that short knocked out in record time!

Bill Henry said...

Four days, 14 hours, 25 minutes till showtime. Oh, YIKES!

Stephanie Zvan said...

Having a very interesting discussion about whether Palin comparisons can be used to push Michele Bachmann out of office.