Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Done, Done...On to the Next One

I'm just checking in to report that I finished reviewing/changing and e-mailed back my copy-edited manuscript of DEAD IF I DO. Hooray!

One of my favorite things about reading a copy-edited manuscript is seeing all the back and forths between the copy editor and my editor about the various weirdnesses associated with my writing. This time, my favorite bit was the conversation they had (in comment boxes) about the lyrics I'd included to "Santa's Got a Semi." (The book takes place during the Solstice/Christmas season). It was just funny to see them discuss an Internet search on "beep, beep, bye-bye, Santa's Got a Semi."

For those paying attention to the entirety my life, I also managed to finish the short story I was working on and get it in under deadline, although I almost instantly got a message back from the editor. He sent a note that I'd forgotten the PG-13 rule and needed to strip out the f-bombs that I'd liberally included in my military space opera. We decided that we'd change all that if he decided to accept it for the anthology.

And, as of a few minutes ago, I finished a proposal for a new series of urban fantasy books (along with a sample chapter... something I haven't ever done before,) and got that in on time to my fellow romance writers as well.


Now, I'll be FINALLY going back to work on RESURRECTION CODE (the AngeLINK prequel) as well as starting HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD (#5 in the Garnet Lacey series).

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