Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally Writing

Between contractors fixing our downstairs bathroom and a trip to Indiana to visit the in-laws, I haven't had ANY time to write.

I know a lot of us writer-types love to complain about how sometimes it's a chore to write... we'd rather do the dishes or walk the dogs (herd the kitties), or pretty much anything other than writing. Goddess knows, I've felt that way some days. But I think wanting to write and not being able to is a much worse feeling.

I've had one line in my head waiting to get out for about two weeks now. It's for the second section of the first chapter of the fifth Garnet book (currently titled: HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD) and it reads:

"I might not have chosen to wear my black leather jacket with all the chains and the gigantic white skull on the back if I’d known I’d be spending time in a Homeland Security holding cell."

Can I just say... ah, it's great to be back writing Garnet.

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