Friday, October 31, 2008

Lightbreaker from Night Shade Press

Back in June I got an advance look at a contemporary fantasy novel called Lightbreaker by Mark Teppo because Night Shade was hoping I might blurb it. When I got it I had no idea whether or not I would like it or be willing to give it a blurb. I was told early on by a number of people never to blurb something I didn't love, and it's advice I took to heart. Turns out I loved book. Since it's out now (Sept 15th) in mass market paperback and it's fabulous I'm going to post the blurb here.

With Lightbreaker, Mark Teppo has built something out of shadow and starlight that grabs the reader and simply won't let go. The story is dark and dense and beautifully written. It is also eerie and morally complex and yet ultimately hopeful. Perhaps more to the point, it's simply a damn good read and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Teppo does next.

It really got hold of me and wouldn't let go until I finished. The central magical conceit totally rocked but I don't want to talk about it any detail because it's a big fat spoiler. Like any book it had its faults--a little too philosophical for me in a couple of places--but they were more than made up for by an outstanding story and world, and by really smooth and smart prose.

For those who want a bit more detail, here's the editorial description from Amazon:

Markham has returned to Seattle, searching for Katarina, the girl who, a decade ago, touched his soul, literally tearing it from his body. But what he discovers upon arriving is dark magick - of a most ancient and destructive kind! An encounter with a desperate spirit, leaping destructively from host to host, sets Markham on the trail of secretive cabal of magicians seeking to punch a hole through heaven, extinguishing forever the divine spark. Armed with the Chorus, a phantasmal chain of human souls he wields as a weapon of will, Markham must engage in a magickal battle with earth-shattering stakes! Markum must delve deep into his past, calling on every aspect of his occult training for there to be any hope of a future. But delve he must, for Markham is a veneficus, a spirit thief, the Lightbreaker...

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Kelly Swails said...

Night Shade's releasing a lot of good stuff. This sounds cool.