Thursday, October 09, 2008

Smart Things--Success in Writing

Jay Lake is saying smart things* about the process of getting your craft to the level of consistent professional sales.


*in comments he notes the model comes from Dean Wesley Smith**
**one of my more important mentors and someone who has a lot of smart things to say about writing.

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Michael Merriam said...

That is a fantastic post. I really like the part about waves and troughs. It seems so reasonable to me, especially the part about "variability within an established range."

I know that I've hit a point where I'm selling pretty consistently at the small press/semi-pro level, but I am also not nearly as happy with my current work.

My wife pointed out that it is because I'm stretching to be better, and so stories that are written at a semi-pro level, stories that I would have been happy with as little as a year ago, don't cut it with me anymore.

Nothing for it but to continue slogging along, trying to learn new tricks and skills while improving the ones I already have.