Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Special Note from Mason to Kelly

And a special translation from ima: "Thak you"... should, of course be: THANK YOU. Oh, and DUDE! So many mini-figs! You totally made my day too.

Hey and a big "thak you" to CJ, our regular blog reader, and all the others who showed up at Kelly and my gig last night. We had a great time entertaining ourselves if nothing else.


Kelly McCullough said...

Tell him "you're welcome" from me. That's almost unspeakably cute by the way.

Eleanor said...

I love this note. I have to do something nice for Mason.

C.J. Carter said...

Heh, "thak you" as well. I thought this was especially funny because I peaked into my signed book when I got home that night and my girlfriend pointed out something about your signing. I wish I had a camera, as I'm sure you would have a chuckle too, but it says:

"CJ- Good to met you at Keiran's!"

Thank you both for the wonderful evening at Keiran's!