Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday WIP Open Thread

Another Monday has rolled around, and it's time to share what we are all doing. Me, I'm currently finishing off a synopsis for Dust and Steel to send off to a prospective agent; after that, it's back to work on Hawthorn Queen. I also need to come up with a lesson plan for the historical rapier class I teach (ouch, that's tomorrow already!) and should get started on my critiques for Wyrdsmiths this week. Oh, and there's being Dad, which takes up a startlingly large amount of time. :)

So what is everyone else up to? The winter cold seems to have settled in for good here in Minnesota, making the urge to escape outside and put off work a bit easier to avoid. How about around you?


Stephanie Zvan said...

I'm working with my co-moderator to start a discussion about science communication, science fiction and the blogosphere prior to our session at a science blogging conference in January. Anybody want to play?

lydamorehouse said...

If I knew anything about that, I'd play.

As for what I'm doing... well, I'm NOT doing the dishes right now and I need to (holiday baking happened over the weekend. It was crazy.)

I just sent off yet-another proposal to my editor, and then I will commence writing as Lyda today (Tate tomorrow), do some of those things Doug is doing like getting ready for Wyrdsmiths, and being a parent.

Kelly McCullough said...

SpellCrash, SpellCrash contracts, Black School submission stuff including reworked synopsis, various winterizing house stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, intriguing, Stephanie.

I'm writing a bizarre novella to experiment with length and imagery, researching a Witch Hunt book and feeling anxious to write Enemy Territory version 2!

Bill Henry said...


Michael Merriam said...

I finished requested rewrites on a short story, have put together more agent submission packets for Last Car to Annwn Station, written on the first draft of Rija's Tale, and started charting out the second draft of Dark Water Blues.