Friday, November 14, 2008

Science and Science Fiction

One of the hats I wear from time to time is my science educator hat. At an earlier point in my writing career I wrote a series of hard science fiction short stories designed to help teach physical science for the InterActions in Physical Science middle school curriculum, which was funded by the National Science Foundation--there's an illustrated student reader of my short stories associated with the project. I also worked as a continuity editor for another NSF funded project, Constructing Physics Understanding (CPU) smoothing the differences between the voices of the people who created the various units. The hat is pretty dusty at the moment, but I take it out from time to time for good causes. This is one of those times. Stephanie Zvan and Peggy Kolm are going to be moderating a session on science and science fiction at ScienceOnline09 on science and science fiction. As part of that they're starting a discussion on the topic.

Go look.

Answer questions. Ask questions. It'll be fun and discussions like this one are in the best interests of both science and science fiction.


Peggy said...

Thanks for the link! I hope you are considering answering the questions yourself. We'd love to get your perspective on the discussion.

Kelly McCullough said...

You're welcome and I'm planning on it, though it's likely to take me a few days.

Peggy said...

Great! I look forward to reading your answers.