Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's All About Me...Yeah, Right

Well, a little bit. A few internetty news things about me have accumulated over the last month or two and I should probably link them here.

First, today's news. My papers at NIU are now indexed online thanks to Lynne Thomas and the marvelous NIU archives. At least, I think indexed is the right term. This is the first couple of batches of stuff I sent over and it will eventually joined by heaps more paper as I sell stuff and clear out my personal files.

Second, Lyda's announcement about DIID being available for pre-order reminds me that MythOS (June 2009) is also available for pre-order, though I don't yet have cover art.

Third, I seem to have acquired a Wikipedia page, and it's even relatively accurate, so, yay.


Anonymous said...

Very cool, Kelly! I guess these days you've made it when you have a Wiki page, huh? :-)

Michael Damian Thomas said...

I had no idea that I broke the Wikipedia news to you. :)

Congratulations on being archived for posterity.

Kelly McCullough said...

Michael, actually Google alerts pointed it out first, and some time ago when it was...less accurate. What you did was remind me that it existed, which, in combination with Lynne pointing out the NIU news, triggered the notion that hey, maybe I should mention all of that on the blog. BTW, thanks for the reminder, I tend to forget to do the self-promotion stuff until I get the occasional kick.

Kelly Swails said...

Dude! You're famous! :)