Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday Morning Open Thread (WIP and otherwise)

Hey All,

I'm head down on SpellCrash and will be for most of December and possibly well into January. There are hopeful things happening on the Black School trilogy front (it's all sekrit project stuff, though I can talk about the what if not the who) which is why there are Eye of Horus betas now instead of in May as called for in my original schedule. But that and work on the Black School itself took an unplanned two week bite out of my November writing schedule and I'm going to have push hard to catch up. And, as with so much in publishing, it may turn out to be a bunch of work at an inconvenient time for no immediate return. Still, it was fun and I'm really glad to have it effectively off my plate.

On the not writing front, I've been putting up holiday lights for Laura and peg board in the work room for me. Once the work room is all done I may take some pictures to show off. Unfortunately, I don't have any shots of the before disaster area that it had turned into over the last two years.

So, what's up with you? Got a project you want to talk about or a writing question for which we can provide three contradictory answers? Anything? Anything at all?


Jonna said...

Hey Kelly,

Good luck with the "sekrit project" Black School developments. I'm excited. :)

My own projects are not-so-secret: it's finals week here in Scotland, and thus I'll be grading exams for the next several days. But next week I'll be relaxing in Colorado, which means I can get back to the excitement of revision!

Kelly McCullough said...

Thanks, Jonna. Looking forward to seeing you back in our neck of the woods. Hope you have a lovely idyll in Colorado.

Anonymous said...


Opened the laptop over the weekend and pecked out a few words on the new novel. Got it mostly outlined in my head, now it needs some words.

Still nothing on the agent front. Need to make a concerted effort to send out queries.


Reading somebody's beta project, but it's "sekrit" so I can't talk about it.

Selected a contractor for house project. Committed to doing all the finish work ourselves (trim, painting, tiling, built-ins, etc).

With any luck I'll close on the work refinance project which has filled my square-job time for 3 1/2 years. Maybe next week I'll clean my desk.

(Still can't post under my LJ sign-on: DaveHD)

Kelly McCullough said...

Oh, the beta and project aren't sekrit, it's the reason for frontloading same I can't really talk about.

Stephanie Zvan said...

I'm revising aliens--working to make them less human while making sure they still behave the way I need them to, then figuring out how things like sensory, digestive and reproductive organs (or not) would fit into the picture. It's kind of a fun, back-of-the-brain project.

Bill Henry said...

Encased in carbonite.

Laura Bradley Rede said...

writing: working my was through draft two of paranormal YA, giving chapters to the Death Pixies to critique as they are ready, allowing my other wip some stewing time in the back of my brain, and doing critiques for my YA novel group. Non writing: just celebrated my daughter's 13th B-day and my parents arrive from NH this weekend, so it's time to clean the house!

Kelly McCullough said...

Steph, interesting. Sounds like fun.

Bill, do we need to send Princess Leia after you in a metal bikini? (I know the sequence is wrong on that, but it'd be much more fun that way)

Laura, Cool. Glad to hear about the writing. I'm hoping to stop by a Pixies meeting sometime between late December and early February depending on other obligations.