Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday Open WIP - New Year's Edition

Welcome to the first Monday of 2009. For today's WIP post, I'd ask not only what are you working on, but what writing goal or milestone do you wish to accomplish in this brand-spanking new year?

For myself, I am celebrating the kids being back in school by doing some tweaks to the ending of one book and more plot work on the most current WIP. And, since the kids are gone, I should also try to, you know, get some of the household things that have been ignored for the last two weeks done as well.

As for this year's longer-term writing goals, I want: to have one book represented and out to the publishers (working on that); the current WIP done and in polish mode; and finally, finally, *finally* put together a course on practical sword-work for writers and teach it at least one at a Con.

So, what are you all trying to accomplish, both now and over the next 360 days?


Kelly Swails said...

My immediate goal is to get over my cold.

My goals for the year are to get an agent, finish the WIP I just started, sell a short story, and start on another book.

Kelly McCullough said...

Short term: Finish chapter five.

Long term: Why, plot to take over the world, of course. Failing that, I'd like to get ACE to pick up the next series and also find a publisher for some of the backlog, especially Black School.

lydamorehouse said...

Yeah, for me, my goal for 2009 is not to die.... metaphorically (well, as well as physically, because that always seems like a good idea.)

Thing is, I'm really feeling the pressure of two book deadlines, and I'm working overtime to not FREAK OUT and stay on target.

tate hallaway said...

I don't know what Lyda is complaining about, I know for a FACT she has more written on HER book than I do of mine.


My goal for 2009 is to finish HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD...

Shawn E said...

goals for 2009:
1) finish To Kill the Goddess.
2) start that Twitter fiction project I've been banging around for a while.
3) get my writing group members to agree on a group name. current name in progress: The Glorious Master Writers of Sparkledeath. I'm just not sure it has that zing, ya know?