Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I'm nearly done with the revisions of HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD's first 2/3rds, and looking at yesterday's word count in our race just makes me ill. I probably removed 3,000 words yesterday, and the fact that I ended up in the positive means I really kicked butt.

With nothing to show for it.

Okay, except, hopefully, a better novel.

I don't know if Kelly is having this problem, but I know that sometimes when I write this fast I also write a lot more "fat" into scenes that I should. I rush forward without really thinking things through, thus this whole, messy revision in the middle of the race forward.


Kelly McCullough said...

I actually go the opposite way if anything, leaving things out that need to be in. Scenes. Key details. Objects. Aside from the need to correct for that, I generally tend to write better and stronger when forced into the position of going flat out.

lydamorehouse said...

I actually moved backwards last night by about 2,000 words.