Friday, January 02, 2009

Ringing (or Faxing) the New Year in Right

I faxed off the corrections for DEAD IF I DO today, and, last night, as I was finishing reading them I had an epiphany about the book I'm working on now, HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD. I realized that, in many ways DEAD IF I DO is about the trauma of GETTING married, and that HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD should be about the trauma of BEING married.

Except, of course, with ghouls and goblins and zombies, as usual.


Laura Bradley Rede said...

Well, right. Because what's marriage without the zombies?

Kelly Swails said...

Gotta love the epiphany.

tate hallaway said...

Yeah, during the Epiphany season, no less!

And, what? You're marriage doesn't have a few zombies? Grrl, you're missing out!