Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Book Launch Today--Would-Be Witch

My good friend Kimberly Frost has her first book launching today!

Would-Be Witch

Would-Be Witch

Hooray for Kimber!

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Kimberly Frost said...


Thank you! It's amazing for the book to finally be out! I have heard from the United Feline Overlords about the book. They approve of Mercutio being on the cover and on the spine of Would-Be Witch, but feel his picture is much too small on the proposed Book 2 cover. I've explained about him only being a sidekick, but they, of course, don't care about that. If you can, please keep them away from your laptop so that no e-mails find their way to Berkley's art department. The cover artist is brilliant, but I'm not sure he'd understand about UFO.