Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It looks like Lyda and I are calling the rest of the wordcount race off. Lyda's finished with her book but needs to add something like 25k in revision while I've got about 19k left but am not yet done. I wrote 46k words over the course of the race and Lyda wrote about 30k over the course of a bit over a month.

Final wordcount bar at time of draw:

# February 16, 2009
# Kelly McCullough, SPELLCRASH.
# words yesterday: 1,100
# words total: 70,100
# words to go: 19,900
# starting wordcount: 24,000
# starting word deficit: 66,000
# final target wordcount: 90,000
# words yesterday: 0
# words total: 51,270
# words to go: 28,730
# starting wordcount: 24,400
# starting word deficit: 55,600
# final target wordcount: 80,000


Kelly Swails said...

Does this mean we'll be seeing you two 'round the internets more? Hope so. :)

Kelly McCullough said...

Is possible, but I've still got to finish this thing, and ideally by the end of next week. Once that's done however, I'm probably going to take a two week vacation from fiction.