Monday, February 23, 2009

Feels Weird to Have Done Nothing (WIP question)

First, I got knocked out by the cold from heck and didn't write. Then, I wrote a final scene in the novel and, even though I know I have a lot of revision work to do (about 20,000 words of it), I kind of took a break and didn't write for another several days.

It's time to get back on track now, and I feel like, I dunno, like I no longer know HOW to write.

So that's my job for today: get back in the swing of writing and start revision on the novel. Oh, and I have to go to the grocery store for milk, to the post office to send off some books, and to TOYS R US to return a Christmas gift that never worked quite right.

How about you? What are your plans for the day -- either writing-related or not?


Douglas Hulick said...

1) Keep breakfast down.

2) Get some words written on the WIP.

3) Go grocery shopping, because you buy less food when the thought of it makes you queasy. :)

Jon said...

I have my writing group tonight, then hopefully I'll do a little writing of my own afterwards, but if not tonight, then the rest of the week. Thats my assignment: write.

Laura Bradley Rede said...

Hey, Tate. I hauled the two little kids to the Co-op, then gave them both long-overdue shampoos. Now I'm hanging out with my oldest daughter, working on critique for Death Pixies meeting tomorrow. Tonight it's back to writing my teenage vampires, trying to decide whether to rein in the subplot that took a turn for the weird yesterday, and wishing I actually knew the mythology/history of the world I'm writing in. Sure would help.

tate hallaway said...

Laura, you made me laugh with that last comment. I've been reading up for my next book, myself. (Got to love libraries!)

Doug, sorry to hear about the not keeping breakfast down thing. I HATE being sick, so I completely understand.

Hey, Jon, glad to hear you're still in a writers' group. I'm going to go read the homework for mine now.

Kelly McCullough said...

So, are we still racing, or is should we just call the whole thing off at this point?

tate hallaway said...

"Let's call the whole thing off!" she sings.