Friday, March 13, 2009

Brainspace Now Available for Things Other Than Book

Hey folks. Now that I'm done with the alpha draft of SpellCrash I should have a lot more available brainspace to deal with questions about writing and talking about writing in general. I know I've missed a couple of questions that have gone by on various threads--Shawn's question about posting fiction online for example (will get to that soon, btw).

If you posted a question and it got missed, please feel free to post again in this thread. I will probably really start in on this stuff not next week, but the week after as I'm likely to be off-net next week, but I'd love to start the ball rolling now.

Also, I think Wyrdsmiths is going to collectively talk about the functioning of various sorts of workshops over the next month or so--at least that's something we discussed at last night's meeting. By workshops I mean both the ad-hock stand-alone kind like Clarion, or Viable Paradise, or Writers of the Future, and the long running writers group variety like Wyrdsmiths.

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tate hallaway said...

Congrats on finishing... and, wow, I miss one meeting and we actually DECIDE stuff. Far out.