Monday, April 06, 2009

German Sale (My First European Foreign-Language Deal!)

Notwithstanding a Japanese translation of my alter-ego's Archangel Protocol, a British edition of the first three books, and all the various translations of the anthology my short story appeared in (which shouldn't count because I never saw advances for those), this is a first for me:

My agent just informed me that the German publisher VGS publishers want my first four books (Tall, Dark & Dead, Dead Sexy, Romancing the Dead and Dead if I Do) for a paperback original publication under their imprint LYX.

I get paid in Euros. Cool, huh?


Kelly Swails said...

Sweet! You're goin' global!

Eleanor said...


Laura Bradley Rede said...

Way cool! But I gotta tell you Tim Powers told a hysterical story about how the German translators put product placement into his books when they translated them. Suddenly his characters were EATING SOUP at the climax of his book and raving about it by its brand name! If you have any friends who speak German, tell them to look for the soup :)

Jon said...

Way to go!

Did you ever see that episode of News Radio where Jimmy James' book got translated into Japanese, became a mega hit over there and was republished in the U.S., so he then had a reading from the latest version, which had been translated back to English from Japanese? Hilarious.

I hope you have as good a time as that.

Kelly McCullough said...

Congrats, does that mean coffee's on you?