Thursday, April 30, 2009

Revising Stories

I am stalling around before going on line and dealing with Unemployment.

So I have a question. I have a lot of trouble with perfectionism when I revise. There is sometimes, maybe even often, when things are going well, a high when I do the original draft.

But when I go back, all I can see is problems.

Do other people have this reaction? What do they do?


Paul Lamb said...

I knew one man, a poet and teacher, who said that writing was much like a process of elimination (that's a euphemism) and who wants to revisit what's been "eliminated"?

Rewriting is the slow part of the process for me.

tate hallaway said...

I'm the opposite. Usually, I like revisions because at least I have a finished project in hand. However, I understand about the perfectionism. It's hard to know when to leave things well enough alone.

Anonymous said...

am dealing with this now. I have a manuscript I thought was almost ready to shop, but I read it and found out I was wrong. My writing style has changed, I've found my voice since I wrote that book, and other issues. So I sent it back to my readers and told them to rip it up. And boy did they. Since I got it back, I ripped it apart, as well.

Right now, it's a mess. Sitting on my desk in tatters. Trying to stitch it all back together.

I don't mind revisions - it's in the revisions where I tend to find the true meat of my stories.