Monday, April 20, 2009

Secrets of a NYTimes Bestseller

This is a fascinating, yet sobering post from L. Viehl whose book Twilight Fall made the New York Times Bestseller list. Keeping to a promise to her writer friends, she posted her royalty statement and detailed all her publicity efforts, etc., here:

For me, the sobering part is the shear volume of books sold. I've never seen numbers like that in my entire life. And her advance? Holy sh&t!


Eleanor said...

Lyda -- I can't tell what your comment on this means.

There are two questions I have. How long will this rate of sales continue?

And how fast can the author write books?

If the $50,000 advance represents the publisher's best guess of how much the book will make for the author, and it takes the author a year to write a novel, and each novel does this well, then this is a pretty good living.

But there a lot of 'if's here.

Granted, I would be happy to make this kind of money from writing. I have never gotten close. But it still does not seem like a lot of money for a New York Times best seller.

tate hallaway said...

You don't think so? I could live on $50,000 a book.

Plus, getting that many books out the door seems insane to me. I can't even imagine it.... although weirdly, her actual royality statement looks exactly like mine (being Penguin and all that) except for the very, VERY different numbers. (Mine are much, much smaller.)