Friday, April 24, 2009

Smart Things--Book Length + Update, Editing

Via David Levine, Colleen Lindsay saying smart things about novel length

Updated to add:

Stephanie Zvan saying smart things about what an editor does.


Kelly Swails said...

Thanks for the linkies!

Shawn Enderlin said...

thanks for the links. I have a lot to think about as I slowly but steadily get closer to that spot where I'm actually going to have to make editor/agent/publication decisions instead of just talking about them. ;-)

jen@ywt said...

Based on the description at that second link, I am drafting my letter to Santa early to ask for an editor for my lil author playset.

Jon said...

With this type of thing, I don't even know what to do.

I am totally open to paring my book down to "approved" size, but I honestly don't know where to do it and for up to 80,000 words? I'm just... I don't know what to do about that.

Is it all essential? No, but I don't think any of it is useless or frivolous either and 80,000 words isn't like a scene or five, thats a third of the book, so what do you do?

I've asked people who have read the whole thing and they're unable to help...

At this poin, I resigned o just going for it as is an hoping for the best or a sudden brilliant insight.