Wednesday, June 03, 2009

David Eddings R.I.P.

David Eddings died last night. The Belgariad was one of two series that I hauled with me on my Arizona Renaissance Festival odyssey back when I was still in theater. The other being the first couple of Wild Cards books. I'd read the Pawn of Prophecy the week before taking off and I wanted to see how it ended. Spending the next two months living in a tent in the desert without the bulk of my library meant that all of those books got reread a couple of times and imprinted them pretty deeply on my psyche. The Belgariad is a formative work for me, though unlike Wild Cards it's not one I still reread.

Ave, David, you'll be missed.


Kiyote said...

started in on the belgariad when i was in high school...and have to admit - i re-read that series once a year - and have since then. he will be missed.

Bill Henry said...

Not much else to say but
: (

Shawn Enderlin said...

i was in eighth grade when Enchanters End Game came out. i was so psyched because when i bought the book at the local B Dalton they had Enchanters End Game bookmarks! SWEET!

being the geek that i was, i took the book and the bookmark to school with me and had my nose down in it every spare minute.

so, i was in the cafeteria, reading of course, and grunting the occasional acknowledgment to whomever had sat down next to me. when i looked up, i saw my bookmark in the hands of the dude who had sat down and my bookmark was BENT IN HALF!

i was crushed.

there are a lot of things in my life that i've forgot and will never remember, but THAT i will always remember. i LOVED those books, and still do.