Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kelly's CONvergence Schedule

So, I'm going to be GOHing at CONvergence this coming weekend and thought I ought to post my schedule.

Wednesday July 1:

Evening: Reception

Thursday July 2:

5:00 PM: Going from a Poor Unpublished Author to a Poor Published Author (Panelist(s): Kelly McCullough, Pat Rothfuss

7:00 PM: Opening Ceremony Main Stage

Friday July 3

12:30 PM: Beta Reading: Relying on the Honesty of Friends (Panelist(s): Kelly McCullough, Terry Garey, Elise Matthesen, M. K. Melin, Kathy Sullivan

2:00 PM: Kelly McCullough GOH Reading

3:30 PM: Inserting Humor Into Your Writing (Panelist(s): Kelly McCullough, Brian Keene, M. K. Melin, S.D. Hintz, Jerrod Balzer, Patrick Rothfuss

5:00 PM: Why Writers Should Archive (Panelist(s): Kelly McCullough, Meredith Gillies, Elise Matthesen, Lynne Thomas

Saturday July 4

11:00 AM: The Works of Kelly McCullough (Panelist(s): Kelly McCullough, Eric Heideman (mod), David Lenander (mod)

12:30 PM: Meet the Wyrdsmiths (Description: Kelly McCullough, Lyda Morehouse, Eleanor Arnason, Naomi Kritzer, Sean M. Murphy, Doug Hulick

2:00 PM: Genre Blender (Panelist(s): Kelly McCullough, Jeannie Holmes, Matthew Davis, S.D. Hintz, Dana Baird, Jerrod Balzer

3:30 PM: Kelly McCullough Signing

11:30 PM: Guest of Honor Cage Match (Panelist(s): Patrick Rothfuss, Kelly McCullough, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Brian Keene, Joel Hodgson, Mary Jo Pehl, Dwayne McDuffie

Sunday July 5

3:30 PM: The Twin Cities School (Panelist(s): Kelly McCullough, Hilary Moon Murphy, Michael Merriam, Ruth Berman

5:00 PM: Closing Ceremony Main Stage

??:?? PM: Dead Dog Party

P.S.: the convention master schedule can be found here:

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Beth said...

You are a busy man, Kelly - sounds like a fun weekend! Good luck getting through it all, and enjoy!

(My mind is whirling, coming up with definitions of GOH...not all printable!! :-))