Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday Morning WIP Open Thread

Hi All,

Beginning to resurface now. The MythOS book launch swallowed big chunks of the last two week and what it didn't was eaten by gardening which has to get done as soon as the weather allows. The baby lilac hedge now has a moat of wood chips surrounding it that's roughly 65' long and 3' wide. There's a new 150 square foot garden bed on the west side of the house and it's about half full of new plants and transplants. Still need to get the rest of the plants in and put down newspaper and chips but the hard part's done. Add that to the fresh chips in the 400 square feet of the front bed, the sod nipping around the grasses bed, the fern bed, and the rhubarb and it's a ton of work done recently. Once the new beds chipped we'll have gone through something like 5 square yards of chips.

Going forward we could use that much more again in the chips department. There's also still weeding to be done and we've got stripping to do for the butcher block salvaged for the new counters. Oh, and about half the house and all of the garage to paint. I've also got critiquing to do, and I should probably start writing another book sometime soon.

How about y'all?


tate hallaway said...

So far, I've done a lot of running around. I've gone to work out. I picked up a tax form for my agent. And, finally, lunch.

This afternoon I'm hoping to work a bit on Lyda's prequel, get to the post office with some packages of books, and then I guess it's grocery shopping.

Wow, when I put it that way I sound busier that I am, I think.

Bill Henry said...

Well, I've watched this about a dozen times today. There's some work I should be doing too, probably.

Bill Henry said...

Actually what I did today was to retire the Mighty Mighty MOC-BLOG after a year of good clean fun and retool the Mid-Ohio-Con webspace so that the content and navigation of the website and the blog now coexist in one spatiotemporal nodality somewhere in the vicinity of Earth-616, here.

A fresh new look for our 2009 campaign, and a fun new banner by Chris Giarrusso to boot.

jen@ywt said...

Dude, reading about your yardwork wore me out. I spread one (1) bag of fertilized soil around the lamppost flowers, scouted around a little for a talking faun and called it a day.

I'm moving forward, so slow but forward, with the WIP I quit blogging to write. Word counts are not particularly useful because most of the work I have done is still pencil in the notebook, but I'm currently arranging the first handful of chapters into typed, linear draft, and am 100% in love with what I have so far. ::happy writer dance::

Have you chosen a project to work on next yet? Are you going to try to sell the next thing before you write it or just jump and see if the net appears?

Kelly McCullough said...

Bill, that's just wrong, the first bit, that is. The second sounds like a fair bit of work but the end result looks good.

Jen, Yay! I'm glad to hear that it's moving forward, and even more that you're in love with it. That's what keeps us all going on. *dances with Jen*. I still don't know what's immediately next. I've got a ton of stuff proposes and I'm a little reluctant to add anything to the hypothetical work load. At the same time, the brain pressure to get back to writing is building....