Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Are You Readng?

Just curious... what are people reading these days?

Me, I've been reading eight year old comic books, mostly bits and peices of J. Michael Stracznisky's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and then blogging about them with geeky enthusiasm and wild abandon elsewhere.



Laura Bradley Rede said...

I recently started a new blog about reading and writing paranormal YA called Children of the Night so I have been reading a lot of great books in order to write book recommendations there. Most recently I loved Daniel Waters' "Kiss of Life" and right now I'm sucked into Nina Malkin's passionate ghost story "Swoon."

Bill Henry said...

On my nightstand are Tender Is the Night (Fitzgerald), Spook Country (Gibson), Artesia Besieged nos. 1–3 (Mark Smylie), and Scenes from and Execution and The Castle (Howard Barker). Making for some very interesting dreams.

Penhaligon said...

I've just read Kingdom Come which a friend lent me, before that it was Chuck Palahnuick's "Diary".

I'm also wanting to read the End Of Mr Y (Scarlett Thomas) again, cause its great...(=

Yeah and mine gave me weird dreams too! I had a dream that I was challenged to a fight with Wonder Woman, and i was okay with this. After I woke up I realised WHY would I be okay with this?! She's an amazon warrior with super strength! I'm an amateur, mortal, thai boxer. WOULD NOT WIN.

Jvstin Tomorrow said...

Just finished Peter Hamilton's "Judas Unchained".

Next up is the Subterranean Press anthology "Songs of the Dying Earth"

Paul Lamb said...

I've recently embarked on The Philospher's Pupil by Iris Murdoch. It's nearly 600 pages, so it will be my companion for a while.

Kelly Swails said...

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke.

Anonymous said...

I was reading giant swarms from Greg Rucka a bit ago, and feel anxious to get reading more of his material.

Virtual Light, William Gibson.

The Eye of the World, Robert Jordan, on a reread of The Wheel of Time.

Over There, about the United States in the Great War.

Rule The Web.

Anonymous said...

I just finished Bob Freeman's second installment of his Cairnwood series. "Keepers of the Dead". I laughed, cried, and sent Bob a few dirty tweets cussing him out. LOL I love Bob -- and he loves me; I give him rave reviews. ;)

Shawn Enderlin

I don't read too many books any more because I spend too much time with my own writing, but I did recently read two while on vacation. They were (and I swear I'm not joking here) Dead If I Do and Apocalypse Array.

On the comic front I've been reading back issues of Powers & Runaways. In regards to new stuff, I'm really enjoying the Dark Tower series, Incognito, and I'm soaking up the whole Dark Reign thing like a true junkie. ;-)

Shawn Enderlin

good lord, what's up with all those br's? am i cold???

Transcendancing said...

At the moment I'm reading de Lint's 'Moonheart', and also the unpublished drafts of a friend's novel (which I'm enjoying greatly, and far, far more than expected), just before that Eddings for remembrance and MythOS because it was wonderful to get my squeaky little hands on it.

Jon said...

On the comic front, I'm reading Invincible by Robert Kirman and Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley and, like Shawn, soaking up the Dark Reign coolness. Also, Incognito by Ed Brubaker is great.

On the book front, I'm currently aimlessly plodding my way through The Whale Road by Robert Low (a viking adventure story), the brief wonderous life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz (A boy, his sister, and many geek references, other than that, I'm not sure how to summarize it), and the Men who stared at Goats by Jon Ronson (conspiracy "journalism"), but none of those are really holding my interest that much.

I also tried to start Blindness by Jose Saramago, but it is currently defeating me the way Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridean did.

Basically, I'm just waiting for the next Richard K. Morgan book or for George R. R. Martin to finish the next book in the Songs of ice and fire series.

tate hallaway said...

First of all, Penhaligon... you could kick Amazon a$$ with your wicked thai boxing skillz, I know you could!

And secondly, what? Brubaker is writing something cool. Crap. Must. spend. more. money. on. comics!!!

Jon said...

Incognito is awesome. It's Brubaker's crime stuff mixed with superheroes.

The idea is that its a noir-ish, pulp type wolrd and the story of a former supervillian in the witness protection program whose past sins start to catch up to him. Good stuff.

Kelly McCullough said...

Travel reading so far: Fleet of Worlds, New Tricks, Harry Potter #1, Dragon's Egg, Deader Still (Niven, Levitt, Rowling, Forward, Strout).