Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Morning Open Thread and WIP

Good morning all,

What's everybody working on? I'm playing around with trunk novels and recovering from a bunch of house stuff done over the weekend.


jen@ywt said...

Same wip as I quit blogging over; will be at this one for another year or so.

Last week I managed to write through a troublesome chapter that had been frustrating for a while. Finally figured out I really had two chapters going on there, which felt a little like smacking my writing funny bone because I had originally sketched this portion of the novel as two chapters and only ran into trouble because I got the "genius" idea to try to squeeze it into one. Once I expanded a couple scenes, condensed the rest, and broke it up, it fell into place. D'oh!

Kelly McCullough said...

This made me grin, Jen. There's something about smacking one's head into the nitty-gritty of chapter structure that's just not explainable to anyone who hasn't done it.

Kelly Swails said...

Winding down from a busy GenCon by writing a first draft of a short story in 24 hours. I'm going to go play Guitar Hero now. And probably drool a bit.