Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Morning Open Thread and WIP

Hey all,

Getting ready to go help Laura unload the physics department today. Unluckily for us the building is ready for move-in this week instead of next when Laura's sabbatical starts. When they kick us out at 11:00 this morning I'll come home and cut and mount some more replacement trim before collapsing in a heap with my laptop and some editing on the trunk novel. How about you?


tate hallaway said...

For me it's a bunch of errands (post office, library) and then hopefully more writing on the young adult novel... which is now in 1st person. *sigh*

Although, to be fair, it's going a LOT faster that way.

Douglas Hulick said...

Hard copy of MS went off to agent this morning. The rest of the day is errands, cleaning out the garage so we have some place to park during the State Fair, and making plans for the week.

I'm hoping to fit some writing in there, although honestly, part of me wants to lay back until after Labor Day, when the kids return to school and I can jump in with both feet.

Anonymous said...

I shipped a manuscript off to two publishers and a handful of agents. I wrote 1152 words. And took a three hour nap.