Thursday, August 20, 2009

Off Topic: Tornado

Yesterday afternoon, I was lying on the bed thinking I should either nap, meditate (which is really, for me, just guided napping,) or start writing. Since I could barely keep my eyes open I went for meditation/napping. I settled in on the bed, plugged in to my mp3 player, but I paused because I heard the sound of a train rattling in the far, far distance. I thought: "Huh, a train," because, a train passes quite close to our house and we can often heard it rumbling through the neighborhood. Two seconds later the tornado sirens went off. Mason and I scurried off to the basement, but as it was only just pitter-pattering rain, I still didn't make the connection. And, honestly, because it was Wednesday, if I didn't have a weather radio that automatically tells me if this is a weekly drill or a real advisory, I probably wouldn't even have hurried us off to the basement.

I'm glad I did.

The tornado that touched down was quite a distance from us. Across the river and in the Portland Avenue and Downtown areas of Minneapolis. But, you know, that's much closer than I really ever needed to be. My sympathies go out to everyone directly affected.


Laura Bradley Rede said...

Our house was not hit, but I was at Lake Street and Nicollet when it touched down about four blocks from there. I saw the debris flying in circles in the air and drove through the Portland Ave destruction on my way home-- MANY uprooted trees, broken shop windows, closed streets, and everyone wandering around bemused. Surreal!

tate hallaway said...

Wow! That's amazing. I'm glad you and your property survived!