Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Smart Things (updated)

Matthew Hughes: No surrender. Just go read it. Trust me on this one.

Kristin Nelson on pitching to agents and earning out.

Ilona Andrews on publishers as gatekeepers...or not.

EMI joins the growing legions of heavyweight opposition to the Google books deal. w00t!

And here's part of why the "w00t!" above: Google books plans to turn some of those digital books it's scanned back into paper books. So, lets see, scan out-of-print books, offer the author's a pittance, and then reprint them without all those bothersome royalties. What a great idea...if you're not the author. Mind you they do note this: "For starters, Google is only allowing The Espresso Machine to publish from the section of its digital library that consists of 2 million books no longer protected by copyright." but somehow that "for starters" bit makes me very unhappy.

Update: Google book settlement hearing postponed. w00t!

Via Kristin Nelson, a scammer gets sued. Florida Attorney General Sues Writer's Literary Agency and Robert Fletcher. This is a win for the good guys and should get lots of linkage so that it's highly visible in search results.

Harlan Ellison's Dramatic Reading of the Seussified "I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script" is hilarious, though I have somewhat mixed feelings about the original post.


Anonymous said...

You keep putting up great links...

I just discovered Chris Moriarty's website, which has interesting discussions of hard sf and other attempts at genre sub- categorization, plus good links. Tasty geekiness.


Anonymous said...

Matthew Hughes. Brilliant.

Harlan is v. funny in this. Thanks, Kelly!