Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Done... Mostly!

I just wanted to post that I finished the first draft of my (or, rather, Tate's) young adult novel ALMOST TO DIE FOR, the first of the vampire princess of Saint Paul novels.

In fact, in about two minutes I'm leaving for Naomi's house to face the music (of critique.) Because done for me is so rarely DONE. It seems I'm forever editing and massaging and fixing and remixing -- both while I'm writing and "after."

Next, I need to write a proposal for book 2 in the series -- for the first time I'm contractually obligated to provide a synopsis for the follow-up on the same day the book is due. This may be, in part, because I sold books 2 and 3 on a paragraph pitch (which I'd never done before.)

Okay, off to the salt mines!

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Bill Henry said...

Congrats! Did you know that you finished it just down the street from F. Scott Fitzgerald's house? (His first of several in the neighborhood, actually.) The Hill's a great place for writers!