Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning, WIP

What are you all up to on this fine, gray day?

Me, I'm drinking a bit of coffee and getting ready to head out for a day of writing (revising, really,) with some fellow Wyrdsmiths. I have a few more days before the revisions for Tate's last Garnet book is due at the publisher and I'll likely need them. I've discovered that a lot of what was okay for a book in the middle of a series doesn't fly for the last one. So I've been kept busy tying off loose ends and such.

Then I really need to update my web pages with new cover arts and such as well as get back to work on RESURRECTION CODE, which I'm ridiculously over deadline for.


Kelly McCullough said...

Getting the finished edits off to my editor.

Bill Henry said...

Facing up to "Plan B."

I wrote the next chapter of SAoM last night, though. Just all-of-a-sudden-like.

Douglas Hulick said...

Bill: Yay!

As for me: I shuffled note cards around, stared at the screen, drank coffee, walked in circles muttering to myself, and decided that, yes, I need to re-write a portion of the book I just handed out for critique. One step forward, two steps back!