Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Smart Things (Updated)

Heyo, I wanted to put up a couple of smart thing links before I go out the door to St. Louis. I think that when I get back I will finally be able to get back on the blogging band wagon and do some travel posts and some writing posts and the like. See you then...oh, right the smart things.

My friend Beth Hanggeli saying smart things about being a writer and showing off your work. Also, off the topic of writing, wise things about lasts.

And Michael Stackpole dissects Cory Doctorow's "experiment" in publishing, or, it's really not an experiment at all, just another clever promotional tool. Part II, on ebooks in general.

Update: Snurched from Alex Bledsoe, Agent Nathan Bransford lots of big (maybe*) scary news from the etailing side of publishing.

*Depends at least in part on whether you're already or expect to be a hardcover author.


Calenhíril said...

Oooh, St. Louis! I'm there...any plans for signings?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Kelly - high praise indeed! I'm flattered -

Kelly McCullough said...

Calenhiril, I wish that I had been that prepared for this trip. I really need to get better at the whole, hey I'm going somewhere, I really ought to do a signing while I'm there thing.