Monday, November 02, 2009

Smart Things

My friend Pat Rothfuss: Everyone Hates Their Job Sometimes.

Kate Astres posts: The Unpublished Author’s Guide to Convention Schmoozing. I am not in total agreement with this post, but it's mostly good advice and it's also funny.

Kristin Nelson on Macmillan's new move to pay authors less for e-rights. And why that might not be the best idea they've ever had.

Speaking of contract grabs, how about this language: "edited, in all media, throughout the universe, in perpetuity." from America's got talent, via the the Wall Street Journal.

John Scalzi on Amazon's new dumb idea for digital rights protection. This one's a doozy and would simultaneously violate copyright, most contracts, and really really piss authors off.

Elizabeth Bear on common pitfalls for new authors.

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