Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Where Is Everybody?

I guess this is a Wednesday Morning WIP post because I'm curious where everyone has been. For myself, I've been heads-down over RESURRECTION CODE which I'm bound and determined to finish by early February. (I've already missed not one, but two deadlines.)

So how are you? Where are you? What have you been doing?


Douglas Hulick said...

I'm revising my still-not-yet-retitled Drothe book. Want to get it done and in a week or two ahead of deadline.

Also trying to get the last 10-15k words in on Hawthorn Queen (likely post-revisions, now).

Also need to plot out next Drothe book and start on it by the beginning of Feb. at the latest.

Also need to get my web site up and running.

Plus, I have a couple of blog post ideas I haven't had time to write (gee, wonder why not?).

But it's a good busy (kind of like a dry heat, right? :)

Anonymous said...

revising / rewriting book two.

still shopping book one to agents and publishers.

roughing up the cat.

watching what they said was going to be a major winter storm turn into nothing but a dusting on my lawn. :sigh:

trying to keep up with my son's myriad appointments without going crazy.

Kelly Swails said...

Just finished the first draft of my YA science fiction and getting ready to jump into a bunch of short stories.