Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Question and a picture

First, the question -- I've run out of "newbie questions" to answer for my Tate blog and I was wondering if anyone out here has questions they might wanted answered by me or anyone else at Wyrdsmiths.

Second, I wanted to show off the cool fort my son Mason and I have been building during his winter break.


Bill Henry said...

Cooool snow fort! (Hi, Mason!)

tate hallaway said...

Thanks! It's our big winter project. It took us weeks to construct, and one day to knock down (with the help of the sun.)

Dancing Liza said...

Hello Wyrdsmiths, and fellow WS readers! I was reading a writing magazine the other day and they did a feature asking writers if they had any "essentials" they kept in their writing spaces and/or any pre-writing rituals that helped encourage them to get down to business. For example, one man kept a little aquarium on his desk that he said helped him feel so tranquil, he could just shut off the rest of the world for awhile in order to write. If anyone is game, and just for fun, I'd love to know if any of you have any objects or practices that help you stay focused? Thank you, and happy writing ju-ju to all!