Saturday, April 10, 2010

Smart Things

Mike Shatzkin on the coming disruption in publishing due to the changing dynamics of the market and ebooks.

Charlie Stross's misconceptions of publishing series continues with covers, and clean up.

Dean Wesley Smith on the pluses and minuses of the traditional agent/author relationship. I don't entirely agree with Dean about agents because I think that what is true for Dean is not the same as what is true for me which is not the same as what is true for someone who's just trying to break in now, but his killing the sacred cows of publishing series is a must read.

Laura Resnic's collected series on book covers. This is something I read originally as she was putting them out. Very worthwhile reading.

Kristin Nelson with a rant on some idiot unethical agent who's managed to screw up electronic contract flow for everybody who deal with Penguin.

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