Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Other Debuts

Because she'd never mention it herself (being far too Icelandic,) it should be noted that Kelly isn't the only one with books out this month. Eleanor has two:

The product review says: "Shaggy herds of mammoths still roam the Great Plains—to the delight of President Thomas Jefferson—in this imaginative alternative history in which the beasts thunder over the grasslands as living symbols of the oncoming struggle between the Native peoples and the European invaders. This unforgettable saga soars from the Badlands of the Dakota Territory to the icy wastes of Siberia, from the Russian Revolution to the American Indian Movement protests of the 1960s and one woman’s attempt to harness DNA science to fulfill the ancient promises of her Lakota heritage. In addition, this volume includes the essay “Writing During World War Three,” a politically incorrect [sic] take on multiculturalism from a science fiction point of view and an outspoken interview with the writer of some of today’s edgiest and most uncompromising speculative fiction."

Personally, I think rather than "politically incorrect" it should say "politically progressive." But I guess that's just IMHO. Buy it for yourself and find out --


Of which Publisher's Weekly says: "Lydia Duluth—interstellar traveler, holovid location scout, and star of several of Arnason's short stories—explores the purported lost home world of the matriarchal, lizardlike Atch in this stand-alone adventure. She's joined by her occasional lover Olaf Reykjavik; Vagina Gina Dentata, a modified pseudo-ape; Precious Bin, a male Atch; and several artificial intelligences (one of which resides in her head). Lydia discovers warlike female Atch descendants who have killed off the males and now reproduce by cloning, but when she and her team try to leave, they're trapped by a slightly barmy AI intent on keeping the violent Atch from traveling in space. Fans of Arnason's dry wit, entertaining character interactions, and complex, imaginative futures will be delighted by this tale and the promise of a forthcoming Lydia Duluth collection. (June)"

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Kelly McCullough said...

Both fabulous books, congratulations to Eleanor!