Wednesday, June 23, 2010

REALLY Geeky Vampire

I participated in an article for GEEK SPEAK MAGAZINE called "Dead and Doing It" in which the authors Rachel Hyland and Kate Nagy plumb the depths of the question that I'm sure boggles many book sellers, "Why vampires?" (with the implied corollary, why are they _still_ so hot??)

If you read my answer, you'll see that I, er, *totally* geeked out on the answer. I guess I thought I was participating at WisCON or something because I actually said "sexually transgressive."

I also discovered that I'm completely behind the marketing curve. Apparently, I should have book marks, wallpaper, etc., available for sale as merchandize. Who knew??


Tyler said...

you mean Windows wallpaper? Because much as I enjoy your writing, I can't see doing my bedroom in Postmodern Vampire. How about a screen saver? The nice thing is that there's no printing cost....

Eleanor said...

I've known a bunch of authors who've done postcards, bookmarks, tee shirts, magnets as promotion. It's fun, but I have never gotten the impression it helps book sales. Maybe if you have a successful book, the book could help sell the bookmarks, tee shirts, magnets and so on. However, it's extra time and effort that could be spent on writing.