Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday WIP - Open Thread

Happy Monday!

...or not.

For me, it's not looking too bad so far. One son is off at camp for most of the day, and the other has about two hours of tennis this morning. For me, that translates into two hours of writing time. Being a stay-at-home dad, and it being summer, (and me having a deadline) I have to grab those moments when I can.

Although, really, it should be a good week regardless. Number One Son (the one not in all day camp this week) has already expressed a desire to hang out in a coffee shop with me at least one day this week. This is something that started a few years ago on a whim, wherein I bribed him with smoothies and baked goods if he agreed to sit quietly (and read or play a video game) while I wrote. Turns out it was a hit, and is now something he thinks of as "our thing". (I'd like to take credit for being clever/sneaky, but really, he's the one who latched onto it as reading/writing/hang out time.) So, I should have some bonus writing time coming, as well as my morning shots when he is at tennis.

Other than my two solo hours this morning, the rest of the day is going to be spent planning out the rest of the week with N.O.S. and generally spending some "I have dad to myself, with no pesky little brother around" time with him. Oh, and I have to mow the lawn. But still, in balance, I can live with that last bit pretty easily.

How about you? What does your day (or week, for that matter) portend?


Paul said...

So the son at the coffee shop is a type of "take your child to work day"?

Douglas Hulick said...


Hadn't thought of it that way, but yeah, kinda. :)

Eleanor said...

This is cool, Doug.