Monday, July 26, 2010

Smart Things

Agent Kristin Nelson on the working of bookscan and how it can affect a carreer.

Nalo Hopkinson on story failure modes.

Kris Rusch on when and how to incorporate.

Tobias Buckell on why you don't see a lot of mid-career writing advice online. This one is part of an ongoing conversation that's been going on in the writersphere including big chunks at Scalzi's and Jay Lake's among others.

Michael Thomas on BarCon and knowing when to keep your mouth shut.

Jim Hines on taking the hits to your career and ego without going down for the count.

Finally, Lilith Saintcrow on (as usual) a bunch of stuff, including "artist is not a dirty word," which linked to her talking about the myth of the self-destructive artist, and the fact that getting paid is not selling out. Also, how to avoid being a self-indulgent noodlehead in public.

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