Monday, August 16, 2010

Pictures in Pizza

Squint! That pie is trying to tell you something!!

Alas, Wyrdsmiths is saying goodbye to a member: Bill Henry. We wish him well in his new adventures, but never fear! He very will likely still be posting here from time to time. Below, Sean M. Murphy cuts up the goodbye pie for Bill.

Also since Bill's last meeting also coincided with Kelly's birthday, we had a second pie made:

Pie artistry was brought to you (and us!) by the wonderful chefs at the Black Dog Coffee & Wine Bar in St. Paul, MN.


Douglas Hulick said...

Alas, to be away for this, of all meetings. Best of luck, Bill!

Belated pizza-less b-day wishes to Kelly, too.

(And huge kudos for the folks at Black Dog -- they treat us almost too well.)

Anonymous said...

Death to Unnecessary Modifiers, Doug: they do treat us too well

Eleanor said...

The Black Dog people are amazing. I am about to head off there to finish reading last meeting's handouts -- and maybe to write some on my own.

Bill Henry said...

Thanks for the swell send-off, folks. Gooo-bye!

For those who don't know the circumstances here: I'm moving back to the East Coast at the end of the month, so I'll no longer be able to attend our twice-monthly workshops in St. Paul, but I do expect to remain a satellite member of the group and to continue posting on the blog.

So long, and thanks for all the...