Saturday, August 07, 2010

Who Needs A Publisher?

A neat article from Newsweek on people who are self-publishing on Kindle and making it work. One guy, who had been turned down by every possible print publisher, ended up selling 4,000 books a week on Kindle and was picked up by Simon and Schuster. Another guy is making $100,000 a year. By eliminating the publisher, he can sell books for $2.99 and make a profit.


Mari Adkins said...

I know JA. he's a hoot and a half - and knows what he's talking about. He works at it hard.

Paul said...

Still, these accounts are of the outliers, the exceptions. "Your experience may vary" as the saying goes.

Jon said...

I never trust these examples, they may be 100% true, but they still paint an extremely inaccurate picture of the reality of most self-pubbers' experiences.

In a Con game, they'd call these people The Ropers. They're the ones who bring in the Marks.