Sunday, September 19, 2010

A couple quick Smart Things

A quick appetizer of Smart Things for Sunday night/Monday morning:

Brent Weeks and Brandon Sanderson had a wide-ranging discussion about epic fantasy over on BabelClash this week. Topics ranged from pacing, to foreshadowing, to chapter lengths and cliff-hangers, and so on (the discussion starts at the bottom and scrolls up, 'natch). I'm not sure I agree with them 100% on chapter endings or purpose, but then again, I am writing on a different scope and scale, which can impact structure quite a bit.

For a prime example of what NOT to do when querying a publisher, and said publisher's reaction to it, hop on over to Atomic Fez for a good chuckle. (For a basic overview on how to structure a query letter, check out Lynn Flewlling's article "The Complete Nobody's Guide to Query Letters" over on the SFWA site.)

I'd hunt down and post more but, well, I really should be writing...

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