Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Perils of a Double-Life

Do you ever wonder if Bruce Wayne is jealous of Batman? Or visa versa?

I'm jealous of my pseudonym today. Over the weekend I discovered that the Japanese publication of Archangel Protocol is also out of print.

This means that as Lyda Morehouse, I have failed to stay in print anywhere in the world. Of course, I can't exactly cry since I'll have a new book in the AngeLINK universe coming out in March of next year. However, Tate Hallaway has yet to be remaindered. All of her works are still in print (her first book is in its sixth printing, no less), and, thanks to being included in an anthology with much bigger names, she's been translated into English (British), German, Polish, and, I just found out yesterday, soon to be into Russian.

Man, I hate that girl.

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Eleanor said...

I envy you having a pseudonym. The idea of a second persona is really tempting. But both personas should stay in print. That part makes sense to me.