Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick Bits

Lou Anders (Editorial Director of Pyr Books), Ginjer Buchanan (Editor-in-Chief of Ace/Roc Books) and Jeremy Lassen (Editor-in-Chief of Nightshade Books) are having a discussion this week over on Border's SciFi blog BabelClash about publishing, the role of the editor, and the like. Especially interesting so far (IMO) were Lou and Ginjer's posts on what they do (and don't do) as editors, as well as Jeremy's take on the relationship among editors when it comes to acquisitions and the like.

In other related news (via Jim Hines), SFWAs Writer Beware Blog has an excellent post by Victoria Strauss about why Getting Published in Not a Crap Shoot. I also recommend Jim's archived post on SFNovelists about talent vs. skill in regards to getting published (as well as his great rant against the myth that publishers and agents are trying to lock new writers out.)

There, now it almost feels like I generated content. Happy reading (and writing, of course).

ETA: Most may already know this, but it bears repeating: astronomers have discovered an earth-like planet inhabiting the "Goldilocks Zone" around the star Gliese 581. This is the best candidate we have yet for finding another planet that could harbor life--and it's right next door (well, in galactic terms; for you and me, 120 trillion miles is still a hell of a commute). How awesomely SciFi is that?


tate hallaway said...

What I love is that speculative-types are already starting to imagine colonies, etc., on this "new" planet.

As I said on Facebook, now it's a race to see who writes the first story featuring it!

Eleanor said...

I stuck Gliese 581g into the story I'm working on right now. Though I suspect I will remove it. I want a tidally locked planet with an uninhabitable desert on the sunward side. But I don't want molten stone.